Kildare Town History
Kildare - Origins and History

Kildare is one of the oldest towns in Ireland. It originated in pre-Christian times when it was the site of a shrine to the Celtic Goddess Brigid. It later became the site of the great Christian foundation of St. Brigid. Today it contains many historic buildings and ruins; the legacy of 1500 years of history.

An Overview of Kildare as a Medieval Irish Town
An Overview of Kildare as a Medieval Irish Town:

The town of Kildare is situated at the peak of a low ridge, and it escalates about fifteen metres above the adjoining flat countryside known as the Curragh. The name Kildare is derived from the Irish word ‘Cell Dara’, which means church of the oak tree.

There has always been a settlement at Kildare, even since pre – Christian times, and right up to the modern day. In the following essay, I endeavour to explore Kildare as a medieval Irish town. This will include the ecclesiastical settlement in Kildare (which is mainly attributed to Saint Brigit), Kildare in the time of the Anglo- Normans, and finally the generations of the Fitzgerald’s of Kildare. This will bring me up to the late medieval period. At times, Kildare was prosperous, and other times the settlement was in decline due to various reasons. I aim to evaluate this where possible. Throughout my essay, I hope to discuss some of the important medieval structures which were erected in Kildare.